onsdag 5. august 2015

A new start.........

.......sometimes we all need a new start! Welcome, I hope my followers from the old blog Merethe's creative corner can find their way to my new home. And I hope I'll meet new art lovers and friends here. I wasn't happy with the old blog, I found it messy and outdated and I just figured it would be easier to start fresh rather then trying to clean up the mess. I already have a Norwegian blog going to keep in touch with my home audience.  But I would love to keep the connection to the rest of the world, thus I'm giving myself the challenge of keeping two blogs. We'll see how that goes! :)

This will be my little space for sharing - my work, my thoughts, my process, information and interesting stuff I find about art. As a selftaught artist the internet with all the information available and the friends I have made, has been invaluable for me as an artist. I have read articles, watched demos, received comments and critiques - it has all been essential for me developing my artistic voice. I know there are others out there searching for the same - for inspiration, for motivation, for knowledge, for companionship, and I would like to make my contribution to the worldwide community of artists.

Give me a few days to translate the posts I have already written in Norwegian. I have a demo going and a few other posts - and working on the translation as we speak. I really hope to hear from you, communication across the world is a fun and rewarding part of keeping a blog - so feel free to leave a comment for me! I'll see you soon..... :)

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